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Jun 27, 2022Liked by Eugene S. Robinson

Awwww, JEEBUS. I'm tellin' ya, I protested, agitated, and voted to get Roe V. Wade on the books. This weekend has brought about my rage, disappointment, and incredible ANGER over the SCOTUS decision. I mean, SRSLY? A bunch of freakin' men, mostly WHITE, are deciding what's gonna happen to my kid, or her kids, or my son's kids down the road??? Bullshit.

Yeah, I'm a white woman, but you know damn good and well that we are impacted just as badly as BIPOC, or any other damn ethnic group. Apologies for the profanity, but these people have got me well and truly PISSED OFF. I'm getting older, I'm getting more tired, and I''m getting less tolerant of those who have no clue how the rest of America lives.

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