Sitemap - 2022 - Look What You Made Me Do

A Happy Feeling Nothing in the World Can Buy

How Much Right Does Might Make?

First Tango in Paris

White Supremacy Vs. White Power: Discuss

Sympathy for The Donald Trump

Crime + Failure to Punish: The Theranos Paradox

CryBabyism + the Decline of the American Man

The Unremitting 24Karat Shittiness of Elon Musk

They Didn't Die. They Escaped.

If You Hate Bunuel + You Know It…

Does Anyone Remember Screwing?

The Beginning of the End of Nowhere

And NOW for a Commercial Break...

Scott Adams' Dilbert Says: Blow Me!

When Everything Goes Black

What? 9/11? Again?!?!

Better Call Saul...For?

Happy Birthday to Death!

What The HELL Am I Doing?

Stopping Salman From Getting Stabbed

The Jason Derulo Rule

To Kill a Dead Man

Bunuel Vs. A Heat Apocalypse Now!

Making Friends. The BUNUEL Way.

Punching Germans in the Nuts

Bunuel Tour Diaries?

Ask Me About Abortion Anger

Three Fathers Walk Into a Bar...

The Systematic Denial of the Reality of Experience

Ugh. So: Depp v. Heard. Cuz We Are So Very Stupid

In This Issue: Everyone Dies

A Death in the Playground

Sex With Eugene!

My Abortions

I, Bully

1, 2 X U, Or Fuck You + Your Penis Too

This Month's Impossible Embrace: Ben Affleck

Black Anti-Blackness

Taking Stock of Chris Rock's Cock

Looking at What We've Become


Killing, Being Killed

Taking Care of a Child Molester

Putting the U Into Ukraine

The Hold-My-Beer Gambit: OZY Style

Something...Something About Guns

Surrendering to the Suck

Joe Rogan Has a Cold

And Just Like That...Your Relationship? Over!

Ow...Wow...It's David YOW!

RIOT: The Ultimate High

2022: The Year of the Sexual Correctional